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English / Английский язык > Topics: Art (Искусство)
Сочинение на английском языке с переводом на русский.
Автор текста: ipek (специально для tooday.ru)
Topic: love
Тема: любовь
Do you know why the words “live” and “love” are almost the same? It’s because you can’t live without love. You live so you love. It doesn’t implies only the love between a man and a woman, or two people with the same gender. You can love not only someone, you can also love something. But, you know, the hardest love is love to yourself. And people should know that true love begins from loving themselves.
Великая Отечественная война была жестокой, кровавой. Художник Я. Бут изобразил тишину. У бойцов появилась возможность отдохнуть и, наверное, сфотографироваться. Такое ощущение, что на картине остановлено время.Два товарища, друга, бойцы Советской Армии — в форме защитного цвета, на головах — краснозвездные пилотки, в руках они уверено держат оружие, а на ногах видавшие виды сапоги.. Воины — не один месяц на войне.Хотя они и молоды, но уже не знают, что такое страх и отчаяние. Видна в глазах ненависть к фашистам. Хотят поскорее освободить поруганную Родину от коричневой чумы.
Yes, it hard to start loving yourself immediately. You can reach it step by step, after a lot of attempts to understand yourself and who you are. I think that it’s necessary at first know who you are, by speaking yourself. A lot of adults choose to obessively follow a standart dream or stereotypical path and they impose the idea that you should become like that because you have one chance at life, you should have courage while young to fight for what you want to do. Even if you are regret it when you become old it means nothing. Before a person dies the first thing they regret is why they didn’t done something what they want to do when they were younger. So I think people should fight for what they want to do. I think people shouldn’t afraid what will others say if they do what they really want to do and they should just speak by themselves not for others. Right now there are a lot of people who are also running toward their dreams and I wish all of them can savor this feeling when they reach this point when they are nearly reached their dream. I think there is no need to live your life based on the standarts of others.
Пейзаж — неброский. Мы видим сосны, грустные желтые березы и ствол крепкого черного дуба. Батальоны прошли по земле, поэтому травы совсем не осталось. До мира еще далеко. На полотне неба нет, только лица героев слегка освещены лучиками солнышка.Солдаты хотят домой, в Россию, но главное для них сейчас — защита ее просторов. Солдаты смотрят на зрителя прямо, глаз не отводят, хотя знают, что такое боль и смерть. Рука у одного из воинов перевязана, но он не желает в тыл. Когда я смотрю на совсем еще мальчишек, то доверяю им, горжусь ими, благодарю за защиту.
I want to give as an example story of life of famous rapper Kim Namjoon also known as leader of BTS. He started to write lyrics when he was about 12 years old. And, you know, he was writing about significant things. And he found his dream to become a rapper when he was 14 but it was contrary to the plans of his parents who wanted a stable future for their son. In his school questionnaire shown on the “Problematic men” show we can see the difference of testimony of the future between himself and his parents. Parents entered in the column “Who do you want to see your chid in the future?” simply cut off by “Doctor, lawyer.” His mother threw out his microphone so that her son stopped thinking about nonsense and she also broke his computer. At the same time breaking his childhood and his perception. But he didn’t give up. He went trough all the problems that appeared in life and which prevented him from achieving his dream. This way he understood who is he and he started to speak by himself. Namjoon said: “There was a small voice inside of me that said "Wake up man, and listen to yourself". But it took me quite a long time to hear music calling my real name.” And now he become the person who gives hope to his fans and throw his lyrics he teach them how having dream and reaching it is important and he singing about self-love.
На лице у Сережки и Витьки можно заметить улыбку...Известный лозунг " победа будет за нами " передается Н. Бутом через образы простых воинов с Малой Бронной и с Моховой. Темные, зеленые, коричневые цвета, которые использует художник в картине, скоро сменятся красными, розовыми, оранжевыми. Хочется верить, что встретятся в Москве все солдаты Великой Отечественной... в шесть часов вечера и расскажут детям, внукам и правнукам о том, как воевали, отдыхали и верили в Победу...
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